SANICA 2424 kwA717400330 

SANICA 2828 kwA717400390
SANICA 3535 kwA717400390

 2 Years Warranty

Sanica Boilers, produced with advanced Sanica technology, provide opportunity of 2 years warranty.

Environment Friendly

Thanks to the condensing technology, it provides a low emission release due to waste gas outlet at low temperature. It is in conformity with ERP regulation and is environment friendly.

 Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Durable, high-quality and heat-transfer performance with a premix full condensation heat exchanger.

 Air Release Function

It automatically evacuates the unwanted air to fill up the channel during the first filling stage of the installation.

 Independent Polarity Feature

Phase-neutral (mains) can be freely connected. It is also suitable for phase-to-phase supply (generator).

High Pressure Warning Function

In case there is a high pressure in the installation, it stops the operation of the boiler and gives a warning on the control monitor. It provides a safe use.

Eligible Capacity Options for Every Need

It offers capacity options for every need, being available with its capacities of 24, 28 and 35 kW.

 Durable Body

It has along life due to its dyestuff technology resistant to high temperature and abrasion.

 High Heating Efficiency (Class A)

Class A heating efficiency is in conformity with the ERP Regulation. It is a budget friendly due to its low gas consumption.

Condensate Water Siphon Safety

It protect the installation by means of a special siphon which removes waste gas from the drainage system.

Pump Technology Ensuring Electricity Saving

Thanks to its pump technology adjustable to the needs of the installation, it can be adjusted at any desired level. And this ensures electricity saving.

Fast Hot Water

Thanks to its special flow technology, it provides fast hot water with the help of the sensors. Thanks to that, it supports the water saving.

 Fan Modulation

The operating speed of the fan is being automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the boiler.

Low Sound Level

It prevents noise pollution and contributes to your home peace by giving warm-and-fuzzy thanks to its sound level of up to 50 aB.

Intelligent Heating System

It analyzes the instantaneous needs of the environment with water flow and return temperature sensors and provides an economic use by ensuring a flame modulation.

Illuminated LCD Display

The backlight, which illuminates on the user-friendly screen even when it is at a stand-by position, makes the control panel readable even in a dark environment.

 Easy Maintenance

It provides easy service and maintenance thanks to its easily opening front cover.